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Whether you need a new sump pump, well pump, bath tub or sink. Erie Pa Plumbers are here to assist you and whatever those needs are. We use only the highest trained Plumbing technicians we can find who take pride in their work they don’t work it just as a job they work it as what they love to do. That means you are going to be able to trust every single one of us with all your plumbing needs. We treat each customers home or business like it is our own. We know you want things done right the first time. You want to make one call and have it fixed and never want to see us again for the same issue and we understand that as a company. We take great pride in being able to give you the highest quality work a plumbing company can offer. So you know exactly what you are getting when you hire us. We tell you exactly what is going to happen how we are going to take care of the issue and how much it will cost. So look no further and higher the professionals at Plumbers Erie Pa

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Brad and his crew did an amazing Job fixing the leak from my upstairs bathtub!! What a mess it made but it was no challenge for them! Thank You
Jason MaCabe
WOW!! that's all i can say, 9:00pm and my water heater started leaking in the basement luckily i caught it that quick and Erie Plumbers came out in no time and fixed the issue!! Thank You
Jennifer Lubar
I am really grateful for the 24hr service. this saved my butt and also kept the wife happy! thank you!
John Matterson

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