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When it comes to commercial buildings we have a wide range of services we offer. Most of which we offer for residential we offer for your businesses and commercial buildings as well. When it comes to your business nothing is more important then the health and safety of your employees and or consumers. Mold is one of the biggest problems we see when it comes to commercial buildings. Leaks in commercial buildings can pose a big health risk if not taken care of on time or properly. For the amount of times the plumbers Erie pa have seen businesses have to shut down for what they thought was a minor leak has been amazing. Most of the time the leak was repaired once but during the repair none of the insulation, drywall or anything in that short of nature was repaired. With that said water drying on a service in a dark area is the perfect storm for unhealthy mold to grow. Then when the problem is finally repaired right the building needs to be shut down and numerous amounts of equipment need to be brought in to clean the air and replace anything that has mold on it. So do the repair right the first time for your business or commercial building call us 814-247-2148

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Pipe repairs and replacements on a commercial property are usually in a much larger scale when it comes to having work done. Pipes are usually much larger then they would be in a home and much longer as well. There is nothing we can’t take care of when it comes to having the pipes replaced or repaired. we have a lot of options that we are able to provide to the property owner along with our expertise to get the job done correctly, safely and right. There are a lot of differences between homes and buildings.

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Plumbers of Erie Pa are here for all your commercial needs. We handle all different types of problems, repairs and updates. If you are building a new building and need to have it plumbed before the building is complete we handle that. All you have to do is provide the plans for us to see where you want your sinks, tubs, bathrooms and other plumbing appliances and we will handle the rest. Building an apartment complex? We handle that as well making it the most cost efficient plumbing service you will receive. Clogs and repairs on commercial buildings are very similar to a residential job. The main difference is the size of the pipes and the length of the pipes as well. A lot of older commercial buildings that used cast iron for the sewer drains tend to brake or crack due to people flushing non flush-able items down the toilets. Sometimes its as easy as blowing air down the sewer line to unclog it other times it needs to be dug up to see what the issue is and the pipe be removed and or replaced. Most of the time we are able to clear the clog with no issues, Other times we have to use are high tech camera run it down the pipe to see what is causing the issue and then we can build a plan from there to clear the line. Either way we have a solution for all your clogs. So give us a call today and we will come fix your issues 24-7

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Brad and his crew did an amazing Job fixing the leak from my upstairs bathtub!! What a mess it made but it was no challenge for them! Thank You
Jason MaCabe
WOW!! that's all i can say, 9:00pm and my water heater started leaking in the basement luckily i caught it that quick and Erie Plumbers came out in no time and fixed the issue!! Thank You
Jennifer Lubar
I am really grateful for the 24hr service. this saved my butt and also kept the wife happy! thank you!
John Matterson

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