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We know your time is valuable, That is why plumbers Erie pa is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Waking up to water everywhere is never fun that is why we offer 247, 365 days emergency services. We offer many different type of services to satisfy our customers All day everyday.

Woman showing plumber the water coming through her ceiling

We are here to offer you affordable plumbing Erie PA! we have worked with many different companies in the past that gives us the ability to pass on our pricing discounts to the consumer. We know that not everyone can afford to just call a plumber to have them come out and fix a leak that will take them 10 minutes to repair. We are here to help you with our low prices and discounts we offer to everyone. So give us a call today 814-247-2148. We are here to fix all your leaks and repairs that just happen to pop up either overnight or during the day. Call us 24-7. Leaks pop up all the time especially in older homes. Most older homes were built and copper is used for plumbing, Nowadays most homes are built with a more sturdier material of mostly hard but flexible PVC. Most of the time PEX is used. When we repair leaks we can either repair PEX which is less more likely to leak or spring leaks then Copper piping. Copper with age starts to break down sometimes will split under pressure hot and cold changes in the weather and we all know in Erie PA that the weather gets cold and also gets really hot so that does wear on the Pipping as well. So weather your New Pex piping is leaking Old copper piping is leaking or anything in between we can handle the problem and get you back up and running ASAP

* Pipe Repairs And Leaks

* Sink Faucet Leaks

* Tub Leaks

* Hot Water Heater Leaks/Repair

* Toilet Leaks And Repairs

* And Any Other Plumbing issue you could have that leaks

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This Is A Picture Of A Ceiling Falling Apart After Several Leaks From An Upstairs Bathroom Found By Erie Pa Plumbers
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Not only does Plumbers Erie Pa handle residential emergency leaks but we also work with a lot of commercial businesses. We handle every type of plumbing leak that can arise. We all know owning a business is hard enough but when you have a plumbing issue it can turn into a major issue. Just a little bit of water can cause damage to floors, shelves, structures and also products. So when you need a plumber to come to your business and repair leaks quick and efficiently don’t hesitate to give us a call or shoot us a message we will be there to make sure everything is repaired in a timely manner and with 100% of your satisfaction. Call us now 814-247-2148. Stop looking for a plumber and get in touch with us now, We have the team time and material on our trucks to get the job done right. We are one of the only plumbers in Erie pa that is able to take care of most of your needs in one visit. Our Team is dedicated to repairing your leaks and or just doing your repairs. We are here and dedicated to customer service we will get those leaks and repairs done quickly.

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Brad and his crew did an amazing Job fixing the leak from my upstairs bathtub!! What a mess it made but it was no challenge for them! Thank You
Jason MaCabe
WOW!! that's all i can say, 9:00pm and my water heater started leaking in the basement luckily i caught it that quick and Erie Plumbers came out in no time and fixed the issue!! Thank You
Jennifer Lubar
I am really grateful for the 24hr service. this saved my butt and also kept the wife happy! thank you!
John Matterson