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Sump Pumps, Well Pumps, And More!!

Sump Pumps and well pumps, What is the difference? well for one a sump pump is a pump that is usually installed in a basement or crawl space and in a corner and most of the time the floor has been cut open to have a pipe added in to collect all the water from around the foundation and run the water to a specific area to pump it out of the home. Most of the time the pumps come with back up battery pumps in case there is a storm and the power goes out you want to keep that water moving out of the home so it does not create mold or more foundation issues. So a sump pump is usually in a corner of the lowest room in the house and sits in a circular area that looks like a plastic trash can. A well pump however is how you receive your drinking and cleaning water. It is a pump usually 50-200 feet down in the ground that pumps up clean water into your home to use for drinking and cleaning water. Sometimes lighting can strike these pumps and they just go out and you find out the hard way that you can no longer get water out of your faucets. They can be a pain to deal with since it will happen at the most unlikely time . So with that said lets go over some things

This Is A Picture Of A Sump Pump System That Was Installed And Needs A New Pump Installed After Dying Plumbers In Erie Pa

Well Pumps are only used to pump ground water into your home to be used for your water needs. Most homes that have well pumps are usually far outside of city limits and there is no water lines running through the streets to the homes. Well pumps are a good way to get water from the deep ground but can be a costly replacement or repair if needed. Usually the case is replacement as they will have to be pulled out of the ground and then returned back into the ground 100 or so feet. The time they are pulled out of the ground depending on what is wrong with the pump it is usually more cost effective to just replace it and that way you have a warranty and a brand new pump and it will not have to be pulled back out anytime soon. So if you having issues with any of your water pumps give us a call don’t wait get the problem addressed now!

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Sump Pumps do go bad and there isn’t too much you can do about them. There are many different styles of sump pumps. all of them have a float mechanism that will float up to allow the pump to run and then when the water level is low enough they will automatically shut off, there is a few that have switches ran to them which we do not recommend since if you forget to turn them off and the pump dries up it will burn out. They cool themselves with the water running through them, so if there is no water being pumped then they are not cooling themselves. Another good option is to have a back up pump or a back up battery or back up battery and pump. Basically if your pump dies and you have a back up pump you will have a noise or a light you have mounted somewhere to let you know that your pump has died and it is running off the back up. Most high end pump nowadays have a wifi connection to your phone of computer and they will give you diagnostics on what is going on and you will know when the back up is running. If you don’t get a lot of water your pump will last you a very long time as it will not be running much. If you do get a lot of water just make sure the pump is in good working condition and we recommend installing a back up pump. A back up battery is basically if you lose power a lot it will run your pump off of a batter to keep the water going out of your house. If you notice you have allergies bad while in your basement or above your crawl space you could have a mold/water problem and will need a sump pump. So give us a ring

This Is A Picture Of An Old Deep Well For Water Picture Taken By Erie Pa Plumbers
This Is A Picture Of A Sump Pump System That Was Installed And Needs Some Maintenance By Erie Pa Plumbers

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